Pumpkin & Spice Bar
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Pumpkin & Spice Bar

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Treat your skin this chilly fall season with a highly moisturizing soap made with REAL pumpkin purée and organic spices! 


  • Pumpkin Purée - is full of antioxidants and vitamins A & C which can help keep your skin looking youthful and feeling refreshed. Also contains more than 100 nutrients that can benefit the skin and help reverse the signs of aging. 
  • Tallow - the way the fat is organized mimics human skin, easy for the skin to absorb and work with, and it's nutrients get to work on a cellular level in a more efficient way. Tallow is also super rich in a variety of minerals that are known to help soothe, heal, and protect the skin. And on top of all of this, tallow is naturally anti-inflammatory.
  • Spices - cinnamon fights harmful bacteria & treats acne, ginger is known for its antioxidant & toning properties which can radiant skin, nutmeg can heal inflammation and redness caused by dry skin, and allspice helps cleanse the skin as well as offering antiseptic & pain relieving properties. 

Our soap is handmade batch by batch using a traditional cold process method: mixing a blend of oils with distilled water and lye finishing it with ingredients to nourish your skin.

Ingredients: Saponified oils (cinnamon bark & cloves infused organic olive oil, organic grass-fed beef tallow, organic coconut oil) organic pumpkin purée, organic spices (cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, & allspice), and essential oils (cinnamon leaf, nutmeg, & ginger). 

All products are mom-made, natural, and nourishing.

***This statement and product have not been evaluated by the FDA. This is not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent, or treat any disease.***