My Detox Journey with Ben

Detox Mud Bath Natural Living Organic Vaccine Detox

I wanted to share my personal notes with everyone about how and most importantly why we started Muddy Waters Bath Company. It all started with Ben. Below are my notes that recorded almost on a daily basis for two months after starting the clay baths with Ben. Jesse (my husband) encouraged me to start documenting the improvements we were seeing because we felt they were not coincidental.
1. Words (8): Ball, More, All-Done, Yellow, nodding/”na” for yeah(yes), Ba “banana” , Ba Bu “Baby Bunny” , Bir “Bird” **improved significantly
2. Only a few two-word phrases (baby bunny and all-done) **improved significantly
3. Would not sit and watch TV **improved slightly
4. Would not sit and play with toys any longer than 5 minutes **improved
5. No imaginary play **improved slightly
6. No singing, or humming music **improved
7. Gut issues – BMs mostly soft/mushy/grainy *improved slightly
8. Would not repeat words when asked **improved
9. Could not reason with him **improved
10. Would not eat well – certain foods / texture issues **improved slightly
11. Not trying to say names **improved
12. Not pointing and asking for things by name **improved
13. Would get super frustrated with everything and wouldn’t try to problem solve **improved
14. Wouldn’t respond to his name regularly **improved
15. Won’t sit for story time **improved
16. Super sensitive to the vacuum cleaner and/or any loud noises **improved
17. Not a great sleeper regularly **improved significantly
18. Milk Protein Allergy
19. Self-Harm – hits himself when upset or anxious or emotional **gone
20. Gets upset when somebody yells or cries – sometimes resulting in him hitting them **improved
21. Sensory Disorder
22. Not shaking his head (for no) – whines instead **improved
23. Dependent play **improved
24. Health - **improved significantly
WEEK 1: 2 Clay Baths, 1 Cilantro Smoothie, Fiji Water
Tuesday June 13, 2017 – Gave Ben his FIRST Clay Detox Bath w/ EO Frankincense
Thursday June 15, 2017 – Gave Ben his SECOND Clay Detox Bath w/ EO Frankincense
Thursday June 15, 2017 – Started Ben on Fiji water
Thursday June 15, 2017 – While Ben was taking a bath, we played peek-a-boo with the shower curtain, mostly, I peek-a-booed him. And then he took the shower curtain, and peek-a-booed me, also saying “Boo” whenever he looked at me. After the bath, I asked him to get me a diaper for bedtime. He went to the diaper basket, and instead brought me back a toy he enjoyed playing with. We would usually play with this toy together, and I would help him with the pieces (he couldn’t get them together). But this time he did it all on his own, problem solved which ways to fit them together, didn’t give up, and made the necklace.
Saturday June 17, 2017 - He said yellow banana when Jesse went to get him a banana.
I also heard him singing something at dinner to himself. He’s never sang anything, or even attempted to sing anything before. It sounded like he was trying to sing the ABC Song. When I started to sing the ABC song, he stopped singing, looked up at me smiling. When I was done singing it, he signed and said “more” excitedly. We sang that song probably about 5 times in a row. And afterwards, he tried to sing it by himself.
WEEK 2: 1 Clay bath and 1 Cilantro Smoothie
Sunday 18, 2017 – Ben is wanting to watch TV and his ADHD is dwindling. When the kids are watching a movie, he’ll stop now, look at the TV and gaze into it for a few minutes. (NEVER was doing this before).
June 20, 2017 – I’m noticing Ben communicating with me more by shaking his head (in response as a “No”) instead of whining. I have been working with him on shaking his head for no (instead of whining for months now). Also, noticing he is wanting to watch Blue’s Clue and is getting involved in the TV show by waving “Hi” and saying “Balloons”.
June 21, 2017 – Getting ready for bed and Ben had just got done brushing his teeth and I ask him if he wants to turn off the light, and he repeats (and points) “Liiiiii”. He turns off the light, and then points at the night light and says again (without me prompting him) “Liiiii?”.
June 22, 2017 - Developmental therapist, Anna, comes to me in tears because of the response she is having with Ben. After going over animal names with him once (4 animals, cow, duck, dog, cat), he is able to repeat them back to her – and also moos like a cow for her. Ben is also playing with color stickers with her and sticking them on paper. He is also repeating a lot of the words she is asking him.
I will show Ben a picture of family members on the wall, and he is engaging and pointing and babbling questions and looking at me.
Ben played for 45 minutes on the floor with a semi-truck vehicle toy and some toy cars. Completely engaged in imaginative play, and independent.
Ben puts on his shoe (halfway) because he wants to go outside.
Thursday June 22, 2017 – Gave Ben his Third Clay Detox bath w/ EO. Also made him the Cilantro smoothie.
Friday June 23, 2017 – Ben says “Applesauce” while we give him his seizure medicine mixed with applesauce.
Thursday June 29, 2017 – Ben says “Hello” while putting his hand up to his ear.
Saturday July 1, 2017 – While staying with his Aunt, we were told he was saying “Ry” for Ryan and “Ja” for Jack. First time I’ve heard him try to say names.
WEEK 4: Continuing Fiji Water and Clay Baths
Tuesday July 4, 2017 – While rocking Ben to sleep, he keeps asking for me to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and I would sing it and then I would say Ben’s turn or I asked him to sing with mommy and he would try to sing with me.
Thursday July 5, 2017 – Ben is now coming to me and pointing to his diaper after BMs.
Ben tonight played with his trains and round car garage for 30+ minutes while I made dinner. I’ve seen an increase in more independent play.
Ben is repeating more, and more words when I ask him to. Tonight we worked on “More Mommy” and “Please Mommy”. He would not say the two together, but would say “Mama” a lot. He also that morning wanted to get in the fridge and I said “say Open” and he said “Open” – no hesitation. It’s as if his lips and tongue are finally unglued.
Ben said “I love you” w/o being prompted (Sam and I said that we loved each other and Ben added his I Love You).
Gave Ben his FOURTH Clay Detox bath w/ EO (detox).
Saturday July 8, 2017 – Went to visit friends and their child had a cold in which Ben was exposed to. Ben coughed during his nap the next day and we thought he had caught the cold, but he never ended up getting sick.
WEEK 5: Continuing Fiji Water and Clay Baths
TUESDAY July 11, 2017- Gave Ben his FIFTH Clay Detox bath w/ EO (Thieves to boost immune)
Wednesday July 12 2017 – Ben starts back up at daycare (interested to see how he handles being around all the germs again).
Friday July 14, 2017 - Went over to friends for dinner and Ben said their children’s names when prompted.
WEEK 6: Continuing Fiji Water and Clay Baths
Sunday July 16, 2017 - Took Ben to the pool and we were able to leave without him throwing a fit. ALSO, we walked to and from the pool holding hands and he stayed with me.
- Ben has been sleeping through the night regularly.
- Ben is interested in potty-training. Wants to try to pee like Sammy in the field.
WORDS as of 7/17/2017: Mamaw (grandma), Dad, Mama, gur-gur (yogurt), bububu (bubbles), ball, milk, wa (water), bae (bath), iowoo (I Love You), bir (bird), ba bu (baby bunny), wing (swing), up, hop, yellow, all-done, more, nodding/”na” for yeah(yes), ban (banana), bye bye, ny ny (night-night), eieio (song), round-round (song), owie (boo-boo), ow (outside), apple, liiii (light), boo, open, hello, eye, mouth, no (nose), mow, or (orange) inkle-inkle (twinkle) (37)
Monday July 17, 2017 – Gave Ben his SIXTH clay detox bath w/ EO (Detox)
- Ben is “saying” what he wants to watch on TV (either The wheels on the bus (round-round), Twinkle little star (inkle-inkle) or Blues Clues. Also likes me to sing him to bed and will also tell me what he wants me to sing.
- Sleeping through the night consistently for 1 month!!! HUGE DEAL FOR US
Saturday July 22, 2017 - Ben wore underwear outside for more than an hour without having an accident. He seems to have great control with bladder functions.
WEEK 7: Continuing Fiji Water and Clay Baths
Sunday July 23, 2017 - Ben picked up a shark, looked at me and Jesse and said “Doo, Doo, Doo” in the BABY SHARK SONG rhythmic voice.
- Ben is sitting and watching HIS CHOICE shows for more than 10 minutes now. He is beginning to become very vocal about which songs he wants to watch.
- Ben peed in the potty! And is letting me know when he has to / or is in the process of going BM/U.
- Ben is following two-step instructions.
- Ben did hand motions with me to “Fishy Fishy”.
Thursday July 27, 2017 - Gave Ben his SEVENTH clay bath
Ben said “Cheeeeese” when I asked him to pose for a photo.
I am now able to negotiate with him at mealtime (ex: if you take a bite of this (typically some kind of meat) I’ll give you this (whatever he wants to eat).
Currently:I stopped logging after week 7, but we’ve continued to see improvements with his cognitive development. He has been back at daycare and has been exposed to countless germs, only getting barely the sniffles and tummy problems once. No sick visits to the doctor since June!!!! He has also remained ear infection free. He has gone from saying 8 words only 8 months ago to now he is saying three and four word sentences (word count unknown at this point) and is communicating with us more efficiently. As of today, February 9, 2018 - we have yet still to battle any flu virus even though Ben has been exposed to it countless times.
We still have a looooooong way to go, but I believe we are on the right road for recovery. I will still continue giving him clay baths once a month or whenever I feel he’s been exposed to sickness.
I’m not saying this clay bath will solve every issue to every problem. Like I said, we still have a long and difficult road to recovery with him. The whole point of starting this business was to help people obtain products that heal naturally.

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