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The Detox Mom Bombs, Ugly Soap, Mother Hens'? These are a few of the names two working mothers with six children under 10 years old had tossed around playfully one evening as they discussed common dreams, goals, and ambitions about starting a naturally organic soap and detox bath business. Why? Because of the benefits they've personally witnessed with their children's health. It's never been an ambition they've had, not anything they've ever discussed or played around with. So what on earth led these busy mothers on this crazy journey together?

My name is Stephanie and for me, it all began with my youngest, Ben.

On November 2nd, 2016 my 17 month old son was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He started having seizures the summer of 2016 and after an abnormal EEG leading to an MRI, we received the devastating phone call that our youngest child had cancer. At that moment, as hard as my weary eyes tried, I could not see his future. There is SO much to this story I want to share and WILL share eventually in an upcoming memoir I'm working on, but to make this beautiful and yet terrifying story shortened – let's fast forward to June 2017, seven months after our Benjamin had major brain surgery and removing two plus inches of tissue from his left temporal lobe. 

After removing the problem tissue, to-date Ben is seizure free, which is a blessing in itself as he was having multiple seizures a day before the mass was removed. But, he is far, far from a normal, bubbly toddler. Shortly after his second birthday we hit a wall. He still wasn't talking; in fact only spoke about eight words inconsistently. He wouldn't wave bye-bye, wouldn't say mommy or daddy, didn't have the attention to sit and watch a show or sit and play with any of his toys. I was convinced he had ADHD and on top of everything else, he was sick all the time. By May 26, 2017, he had been sick with a cold and cough almost every month following his surgery, with multiple ear infections, so much that our doctor was on the edge of referring us to an ENT to look into putting tubes in his ears. This REALLY upset me. After the major brain surgery, after another MRI that month in May, in which Ben had to be poked, and prodded and sedated, I did not want him to get tubes. I did not want anymore antibiotics. I did not want any more doctors period. I had my fill and so did Ben. We hit a huge, fat, unmovable wall and it was at that moment that I began my research into healing my son naturally and at home. Somehow in June, I found a blog a mother posted about toddler clay baths with bentonite clay. What on earth is bentonite clay? (I will share the MANY benefits to one of our most special ingredients in an upcoming INGREDIENT SPOT LIGHT, so stay tuned!!!) I followed this mother's instructions, purchased the clay and the Epsom salt and drew up a bath for Ben. Ben took his normal bath, didn't mind the clumps of dirt floating in the tub, didn't mind my hand in the water trying to swish everything around, he played, giggled, and splashed as normal. 

I gave him another mud bath a couple days later and that night I will never, ever forget. During this bath, I played peek-a-boo with him (as I have done countless times) and for the first time ever, he played peek-a-boo back with me. Yes, you may think this is uneventful, but this was HUGE. Typically, he would not mimic these things, these games we played, but not that night. That night he engaged me like never before. He drew the shower curtain to himself, and then jerked his head around and said, "Boo!" When your child is not developing normally and is delayed, a mother is not only so very sensitive to any of the slightest improvements her child has. This small (big to me) thing made me so happy, and for that small amount of time, I had forgotten he was delayed in development. I played with him like that for a little while, relishing in the fact that he was PLAYING THIS GAME WITH ME!FINALLY, all of a sudden it just clicked. I was so, so joyful. 

It was Thursday, and my husband had taken our older two children to Tae Kwon Doe. I got Ben out of the tub, and he ran naked and giggling into the kitchen. It was bedtime and I told him to get me a diaper to get ready for bed. He would often do these simple commands and he brought me a diaper and toy. This toy was something he enjoyed playing with regularly with me or Jesse (my husband). He would always NEED help and often get frustrated when he couldn't figure it out. I opened the bag filled with lock beads and gave it to him. He dumped the pieces, and proceeded to push the beads together like he'd always known how to do it. As he flipped the pieces to fit correctly, I just stood there and watched him, tears in my eyes. I could see the wheels in his head turning, he was problem solving. He never looked up at me and whined or threw the toy, he FIGURED IT OUT. It was that night that I knew these detox baths were drawing SOMETHING out. Something out that had been hindering him intellectually. I personally believe it was heavy metals, but I will never know for sure. 

The following days were amazing and it was at that time Jesse suggested I begin logging everything. So I will include my notes in a separate blog here in the near future.

This is the beginning of my detox journey with Ben and learning so much about our environment; what goes into our body, not just through our mouths, but through our skin and how I could heal my son and protect him in the future. Within one month and five mud baths, Ben's speech increased from 8 words to 40. He started actually playing with his toys, watching short shows that interested him, waving bye-bye, sleeping through the night (BIG DEAL, Ben had NEVER been a great sleeper, and still would get up frequently throughout the night but after these baths, he's sleeping!), and he has not had a single ear infection to this very day (and in fact has not been sick since I started these mud baths).

Please stay tuned for future blogs, ingredient spot lights, homemade healing bags and soaps for sale and informational articles that promote health and wellness. – Stephanie


My name is Kelli and my journey to a more natural life started in the year before I started having children.

I was shocked and awakened when I discovered the atrocities associated with corporate farming and how unhealthy the food being provided by our government was. My husband and I started switching to organic, local foods as often as we could find and afford it because we knew this is how food was meant to be consumed. Shortly after we were married I gave birth to a healthy little girl. She was perfect in every way, but we hit a hiccup around the 4 month old checkup where she had fallen into the 5% of height and weight category. I remember feeling like I was failing already at motherhood because I couldn't nourish my child by breastfeeding. I researched all the best formulas and between being composed of corn syrup solids or other unnatural ingredients, I decided to look into the Weston A. Price Foundation and make my own. The ingredient list and recipe was a little intimidating, but I was encouraged by my husband that this was best for her, so I dived in head first. It ended up being so simple and so natural and she flourished. She was rarely if ever sick despite being born in the winter in Alaska, and surpassed many milestones after that. Then I had my son who had the same results and now I have a 6 month old little girl who is following in the footsteps of her siblings. Homemade and natural are always better than any synthetic, genetically modified product out there.

This brings me to today, where a few months ago my sister approached me with the amazing results that she had been having with detoxing her youngest son, Ben. My son has also suffered from a speech delay, only saying about 10 words by his second birthday. The more I researched about heavy metal toxicity the more eager I was to begin detoxing the entire family. As a mom I am here to protect my children, and I always aim to be one step ahead of any illness. By offering them nourishing foods (despite the occasional lollipop) and subjecting them to the natural germs in this world, I believe I am building their protective immunity. I began detoxing Luke and after a couple weeks with a few baths I noticed a significant improvement in his speech. I had an entire year between him being 1 and 2 where there was barely any change in his minion jabber, and now his word count doubled. From then on, I started taking a look at all my organic bath products I assumed were all natural and safe, however, I realized I still didn't know what half of these ingredients were. Since our skin is the largest organ in our body I have tried to be careful what we put on it, but I obviously was fooled by pretty labeling. Soap making was just as intimidating as making my own formula, but with the encouragement of my sister, her and I dove in together.

It brings us so much joy and peace of mind knowing what we are slathering our children and ourselves in is natural, pure, and homeopathic, the way God intended. -Kelli

We are not doctors. We are not scientists. We are mothers that want the absolute best for our families, and what's out there on the shelves in these supermarkets, are not it. We are mothers that are sick and tired of treating constant coughs, ear infections, rashes, seizures, and _______ (you fill in the blank) with antibiotics (which strip the gut of all beneficial flora that keep us healthy) or anything you buy with unpronounceable ingredients made in some foreign laboratory. We are mothers that have the desire to share what we've learned and what has worked for our family's health. We've both witnessed the miraculous healing from this dirt, this "healing clay" as the Indians would call it. We need to stop relying on doctors and antibiotics and pharmacies to make our kids healthy. This should be every mother's anthem cry! Let's go back to homemade, love, prayer and attention. Let's go back to mending boo boos with kisses and natural products made by our tender hands and not in a mass production warehouse. Let's stop feeding the pharmaceutical beast with a never ending cycle of sick visits and pill filling just to have a week of artificial health, and then to do it all over again.

Let's reclaim our bath, one sud, one mission at a time. Let's link hands for a healthier future.

Thank you for your support in our endeavor to offer natural products for your family.

Stephanie & Kelli

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